David Martin with exciting innovations in oncology

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David Martin is the Managing Director and Head of Equity Research at Bloom Burton.

Here he describes exciting innovations in oncology and how it will create investment opportunities.

The oncology space is probably one of the more exciting areas in biotech and it is moving very fast.

As the original genomics drugs for cancer treatment.

Working on bind to targets on the outside of cancer cells or that inhibit signalling inside cells are almost old school at this point, as herceptin, rituxan and gleevec.

New drugs to insert billions in the market

The hottest areas right now or the hottest area is a space called immuno-oncology where companies are developing drugs that reactivate the human immune system to attack and kill cancer cells.

There’s three drugs already on the market in this space, immuno-oncology.

So, the concept is quite well validated and this includes Bristol-Myers Squibb, they have two drugs Yervoy and Opdivo.

Merck has a drug called Keytruda and the sales estimates for these drugs are ranging as high as $6 billion dollars.

Now interestingly, each of these drugs targets a cancer target that isn’t ubiquitous.

It’s in fact a relatively narrow patient population.

But we are seeing stellar tumor responses and survival benefits with the drugs.

Because it is a relatively narrow patient population, this does leave the door open for more immuno-oncology drugs.

That may target more ubiquitous cancer targets.