Delrey Metals CEO Morgan Good On vanadium

“The main focus of Delrey Metals is to source, finance and develop undervalued strategic energy metal assets. Delrey’s main commodity focus right now is the energy metals sector but in particular vanadium. Also, in the last years China has implemented new standards for their steel manufacturing and steel rebar. So, more alloys from vanadium is required to strengthen the steel. That plus the vanadium battery market has been increasing in size as well, that’s why we like it. Thus, the key projects in the company are all in British Columbia. The two main projects are the Porscher and the Blackie. Both of which are titaniferous magnetite hosted iron deposits with a vanadium focus. They’re projects that require some geophysics to start prior to our first drill program. The future plans of the company are to acquire further assets. We are handling different jurisdictions which are advanced than the assets within the company. I think will certainly be looked at as company makers. At Delrey Metals we just recently IPO’d. We’ve got something unique about the company. Also, we’ve got nearly 50 years of experience with our core management people. And we put a focus on our shareholders liquidity, energy and we only got a six million dollar market cap. We believe that the energy metals sector is going to strengthen over the coming years particularly in vanadium.” – Morgan Good, President & CEO of Delrey Metals

Delrey Metals Corp. is a mineral exploration company that focus on –

  • The acquisition
  • Exploration
  • Development of mineral resource properties

The Company has an option to purchase a 100% interest in the Sunset property in the Vancouver Mining Division. Delrey is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and is listed on the CSE under the symbol “DLRY” and on the FSE under the symbol “1OZ”.

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