Tony Di Benedetto, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada, Accesses Canada’s Remote

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Tony Di Benedetto, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada, shares the company’s plans to provide their delivery services to Canada.

With tech continuing to progress towards more automated and person-free ways of completing tasks. In turn, Tony Di Benedetto, CEO of Drone Delivery Canada, is providing drone delivery for rural areas of Canada. “Our target market is Canada’s First Nations communities. Really connecting these communities, providing them access to goods and services,” said Di Benedetto. According to Di Benedetto, Canada’s geography is an ideal fit for this technology, specifically the remote communities that exist in Canada. “As we prove out this technology and we move it closer to suburban areas. Our business is really about developing the systems, the software to tie in all the various stakeholders including the Federal Government,” Di Benedetto said. Further, the Federal Government has created the first beyond the visible line of sight testing ground for Canada and Drone Delivery Canada are the first drone logistics company going there. “We are actively testing in Southern Ontario and we are going to be going through foremost Alberta very soon. The first beyond the first visual line of sight test area,” Di Benedetto said. Drone Delivery Canada is a technology company based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada. The company has a focus on designing, developing and implementing a drone delivery system in Canada. For more information on Drone Delivery Canada (FLT.CN) please fill out the form below.

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