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Dunnedin Ventures is a Canadian diamond exploration company. Chris Taylor, CEO of Dunnedin Ventures, talks about the company’s one hundred percent owned diamond project in Nunavut, Canada.

About Dunnedin Ventures

“Being aCanadian diamond exploration company, they have a hundred percent owned project in Nunavut, Canada.  That we’re working on right now. We found a number of very high-quality commercial sized diamonds on our property. That’s really through working with our advisor and largest shareholder, Dr. Chuck Fipke. Chuck is famous for discovering Canada’s first diamond mine, that was the Ekati in the Northwest Territories. Because of Chuck Fipke ‘s exploration work back about 25-30 years ago, Canada is now a major diamond producer. So what he’s doing with us is applying the same sort of exploration and ranking techniques to define which kimberlites should be drilled. Because there are many kimberlites on our project. He is interested in have the best possibility of having high-grade diamond occurrences. We’ll be doing a great deal of drill work so now we’re testing the targets that have been selected as having very good diamond bearing potential. We’ve done bulk sampling of diamonds, I guess you’d call it mini bulk sampling, now there are a few times each.

High-Grade Canadian Diamond

We found very good quality diamonds and high concentrations of diamonds. So the samples that we’ve collected and range from about one carat per tonne, up to about four carats per tonne. So, these are high-grade Canadian diamond occurrences. For the balance of 2018, Dunedin we’ll be drilling diamond kimberlite targets that are selected for us by our advisor Dr. Chuck Fipke.” – Chris Taylor, CEO of Dunnedin Ventures Dunnedin Ventures Inc.  is an exploration company based out of Vancouver, BC. Our main focus is the 100% owned, advanced stage Kahuna Project in Nunavut, Canada. The Kahuna Project is favorably located in close proximity to Rankin Inlet and Chesterfield Inlet and deep water access at Hudson’s Bay. It has a high-grade, near-surface inferred diamond resource. In 2018 Dunnedin will be drilling numerous kimberlite pipe targets which have the potential for a transformative discovery. With a highly experienced team, we are excited to move the Kahuna Project forward and grow the company into a major player in the Canadian diamond sector. For more information on Dunnedin Ventures Inc. (DVI:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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