DynaCERT Inc. Reducing Carbon Emissions, Improving Fuel Economy

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President & CEO of DynaCERT Inc., Jim Payne, explains how this company is reducing carbon emissions for transport trucks. The company’s name is DynaCERT. The ‘CERT’ stands for carbon emission reduction technologies. That really is the focus of the company. As a carbon emission reduction technology company, its focus has been initially for transport trucks. They have a very unique electrolysis system that introduces hydrogen and oxygen to enhance the burn. Enhancing the burn results on 19% improved fuel economy, so reducing the greenhouse gases 40% with particulate matter dropped at 65%. This past year the company announced and patented their new Smart ECU, the brain behind its technology. It’s not unlike a smartphone. It is something that is learning all the time. It’s communicating with the onboard computer of a vehicle or of an engine. And so it alters the flows of the gases to ensure the better burn. But it also gives end users and the company real live time data. And it is communicating back to the back-office constantly, real time. Looking at the bigger picture, looking at the future,  DynaCERT is also expanding into research and development for bigger units, for the shipping, trains, the rail and the large power generation. You can think of a thousand applications, if not more, for this technology.

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