dynaCERT: Global Solution to Reduce Pollution

Technology to reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption

dynaCERT is a growing energy sector company that specializes in delivering carbon emission reduction technologies to a global marketplace.

dynaCERT has developed the next generation of carbon emission reduction technology for diesel engines in the global market. It also provides significant fuel savings to the operator. The company’s HydraGEN™ Technology uses simple electrolysis to turn distilled water into H2 and O2 gases that are produced on demand.

Further, dynaCERT has created global interest with its abilities to enhance product development into additional market platforms and deliver a return on investment. Moreover, they continue to expand partnerships with industry leaders, major corporations, private companies and government bodies. These relationships are strengthening their international presence. It’s also helping pave the way for technological expansions into rail, marine, oil/gas, stationary generator and mining applications.

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