Eguana Technologies Partnered With the Largest Battery Company in the World

Fully Integrated Battery Systems

At Eguana Technologies, we manufacture battery systems for residential and small commercial applications. We’ve partnered with the large battery company in the world. We have recently signed a supply agreement with the largest residential solar installer across Europe.” – Justin Holland, CEO of Eguana Technologies

Eguana Technologies offers a complete energy storage systems for residential and commercial applications. Each system designed to accommodate an array of storage applications. From solar self-consumption to demand response – all with available backup power!

Our company designs and manufactures high performance residential and commercial energy storage systems. Eguana has two decades of experience.

What we deliver:

  • Grid edge power electronics for fuel cell
  • Photovoltaic and battery applications
  • Delivers proven, durable, high quality solutions.

We deliver high capacity manufacturing facilities in Europe and North America. With thousands of its proprietary energy storage inverters deployed in the European and North American markets, Eguana is one of the leading suppliers of power controls for solar self-consumption, grid services and demand charge applications at the grid edge.

Backup Power

Due to the increase in extreme weather events and deferred investments in the grid, many communities experience a growing rate of grid outages. Energy storage systems can bring peace of mind to those who live in areas prone to storms or unreliable utility grids.

Eguana’s energy storage solutions are designed to automatically switch to battery power in the event of an electric company outage.

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