Else Nutrition: 100% Plant Based Baby Formula

Else Nutrition is disrupting a 70 billion dollar industry

Else Nutrition is creating a sustainable alternative for a 70+ Billion USD infant formula market. They have patented an alternative to dairy based baby nutrition that is 100 percent plant based.

50% of US babies with a food allergy are allergic to cow’s milk and 50% of babies allergic to cow’s milk are allergic also to soy. Cow milk protein has almost exclusively been the only protein source for the entire baby formula industry for 100 years. Else is sure that its product is perfect for toddlers (12-36 months) as a real alternative to dairy-based  formulas, also providing a solution for lactose intolerance and  other sensitivities preventing babies from the benefit of existing product lines.

Else is a patented baby formula from three plants and also meets the nutritional gold standard composition values of breast milk. There are no external addition of macronutrients. It’s also free of antibiotics, gluten, hormones, hexane and GMOs. Importantly, the formula is medically-endorsed by leading pediatric experts.

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