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Keeping up with growing demands for lithium with their lithium extraction technology

Enertopia Corporation is a development company, which has engaged Genesis Water Technologies (GWT). That engagement with GWT aimed to adapt their technology to be able to produce battery-grade lithium carbonate from brines, or the creation of a synthetic brine. GWT produces battery-grade lithium from the company’s lithium project in Clayton Valley, Nevada, U.S. The Dan lode and Steve placer claims are located near Albemarle’s Silver Peak lithium brine mine. Enertopia has the technology licensing rights for the USA, Argentina, Bolivia, and Chile. You are invited to follow along as technological innovation moves lithium to an increasingly important role in our evolving energy world. For more information on Enertopia Corp. (TOP:CSE, ENRT:OTCQB) please fill out the form below.

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