Enpar Technologies’ Global Water Crisis Solution

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There’s a global water crisis with water shortages, pollution and increasing demand on limited fresh water supplies. ENPAR Technology’s patented water treatment technologies represent viable solutions. With multiple systems installed worldwide. A global leader in electro-static deionization (ESD). And the treatment of total ammonia (AmmEL) using innovative, cost effective electrochemical technologies. Our patented ESD (deionization) and our patented AmmEL (ammonia removal) technologies represent proven and highly effective alternatives to biological, ion exchange, and reverse osmosis systems. ENPAR delivers superior results for the challenging problems facing communities, governments, and industries around the globe and is a leading worldwide provider of advanced electrochemical technologies that address significant environmental issues related to the management of industrial and municipal wastewater and drinking water resources. For more information on Enpar Technologies (ENP.V) please fill out the form below.

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