Entheon Biomedical: Innovative Addiction Treatment

Psychedelic therapeutic products

Entheon is a biotechnology research and development company. They’re committed to developing and commercializing a portfolio of safe and effective N,N-dimethyltryptamine based psychedelic therapeutic products (“DMT Products”) for the purposes of treating addiction and substance use disorders.

About DMT

“DMT is one of the most powerful psychedelics in existence but it is also one of the most safe to use,” says CEO, Timothy Ko. DMT is well tolerated with few adverse effects. Furthermore, pure DMT is the ideal molecule for advancing and sustaining new models of psychedelic-assisted therapy. It has a robust and well demonstrated capacity to affect neuronal activity and promote brain plasticity when administered in the optimum set and setting. This provides valuable insights, a healthier reorientation to the past, as well as the ability to remedy the underlying neurological and emotional mechanisms of addiction.

Utilizing the powerful DMT molecule, Entheon will lead patients through an assisted therapeutic experience. Patients can therefore erase problematic neural pathways fueling addiction and mental illness. It can also facilitate the creation of new pathways towards recovery.

DMT is unique among hallucinogens. In fact, it is endogenous in the human body and has been clinically validated as being safe for human consumption.

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