Duane Nelson CEO of EnviroLeach on ECO-Friendly Precious Metal Extraction

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CEO of EnviroLeach Technologies talks about the company’s unique, environmentally friendly method of extracting precious metals.

EnviroLeach is a new technology company that has developed a very unique way of extracting precious metals from not only your conventional mining ores and concentrates, but now also e-waste it’s extremely unique because of its environmentally friendly fashion, that can replace the cyanide. It’s made of five FDA-approved ingredients, they’re approved for human consumption, then mixed with water and then we apply a new diamond based electrochemical process in order to change the state of the fluid so we’ll dissolve gold into solution. We partnered with Jabil. Jabil is the third largest electronics manufacturer in the world with over two hundred thousand employees. They are going to be paying us a royalty we’ve just installed a ten ton per day plan so that plant will be up and running in February.

Mining sector reality

When you look at the mining sector today the average grade coming out of the ground is less than 2 grams per ton. The e-waste from motherboards, for example, that are going to the landfills every day are 60 grams per ton. That’s 2 ounces of gold and that’s in the low grade. We’ve seen gold grades as high as 2,400 grams per tonne and so not only are we dealing with a much higher-grade material, but the leach kinetics are 10 times faster than that of ore. It’s just an exponential change in the economics of the underlying materials that we are processing. It’s potentially a game-changer across the board for both sectors. EnviroLeach’s objective is to become a leading producer of precious metals using its proprietary and eco-friendly metallurgical processes.

About EnviroLeach Technologies

A near-term gold producer that extracts precious and strategic metals from ores, concentrates and E-Waste using a new proprietary electro-chemical process. This process has been proven to be a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to the current Cyanide, Smelter and Strong-Acid based processes used today Some of the operational benefits include:
  • Fast leach kinetics
  • Environmentally friendly & safe
  • Broad applicability spectrum
  • Operates at near neutral pH and at ambient temperatures
  • No off-gas or detox systems required
  • Dry Stacked tailings
  • Simplified recovery of metals from solution
  • Accelerated permitting process
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Access to mining areas that prohibit cyanide
  • Offers a safe, reusable and sustainable alternative to the toxic methods used today
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