EnWave Corporation’s Disruptive Cannabis Dehydration Technology

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EnWave’s disruptive dehydration technology has them working with one of the leading licensed cannabis producers in Canada.

Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV™) dehydration technology uses a combination of pressure and microwave energy to deliver a high-speed, low-temperature, efficient drying process. REV™ technology homogeneously removes water from organic materials. And so, they provide superior flavour and texture, while preserving the nutritive value of food products. Similarly, it also preserves the bioactivity of pharmaceutical products. REV™ technology is more economical and much faster than freeze drying. Furthermore, it produces superior products over air and spray drying. The technology is a continuous process that can control final moisture levels in a cost-effective manner. And typically it has a smaller footprint than competing processes. It alters the atmospheric pressure in the machinery by creating a vacuum. While incorporating a precise controlled vacuum, REV™ technology reduces the temperature at which water can be homogeneously and gently removed from organic material. Because it reduces drying temperatures and the levels of oxidation in comparison to incumbent competing technologies, REV™ can yield more favorable characteristics. For more information on EnWave Corporation (ENW:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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