Erin Ventures: Boron is NOT Boring!

High-grade boron deposit

Erin Ventures is an international mineral exploration and development company. Moreover, they have boron assets in Serbia and gold assets in North America. The Company also has a high-grade boron deposit, advancing towards a development license.

Why Boron?

It may come as a surprise that boron is essential in many modern-day products. It is present in everything from laptops and cell phones to medicines and fertilizers. Additionally, boron has a variety of uses in construction, manufacturing, medicine, science, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, space travel, communication satellites, specialty metals, battery technology and more! We could not survive without the element boron. It is found all around us and we are in constant contact with this vital element – even though we are, for the most part, not aware of it. Interestingly, economic occurrences of boron are quite rare and large economic deposits exist in only a few places.

Further, some common applications of boron include glass production, insulation, fertilizer, silicon, metallurgy, LCD screens, stealth technology, sports equipment, nuclear reactors and waste storage, lithium batteries, computers, heat shields and medicines.


Piskanja is located in a historical mining region that has good infrastructure for mining including roads, rail, electric power, experienced miners, etc., 250 km south of Belgrade, Serbia by good paved roads. Lithology at Piskanja is typical of sedimentary basins, (primarily shales, marls and limestone) with two primary gently undulating borate beds. Mineralization is also primarily dense, compact colemanite with some ulexite.

Moreover, Erin Venture’s strategy is to uncover and capitalize on unique development opportunities within Canada and various regions internationally. The Company’s objective is to increase its mineral reserves by developing current properties and through the acquisition of additional mining projects.

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