Erin Ventures: Boron – A Mineral That’s Shaping Modern Life

An essential industrial mineral

Erin Ventures is an emerging mineral development corporation. The company’s primary asset is a boron property located in Serbia.

Boron is an essential industrial mineral that shapes modern life as we know it today. In fact, it’s used in over 500 products. The uses range from fertilizers, detergents to high-end uses like hydrogen fuel cells, new generation of lithium batteries and more.

Piskanja Boron Project

The Piskanja Boron Project is one of three high-grade world-class boron projects that exist today. Moreover, it has a projected mine life of several decades with good potential to generate well in excess of 100 million dollars per year in revenue.

Piskanja is located in a historical mining region that has good infrastructure for mining including roads, rail, electric power, experienced miners, etc., 250 km south of Belgrade, Serbia by well paved roads. Lithology at Piskanja is typical of sedimentary basins, (primarily shales, marls and limestone) with two primary gently undulating borate beds. Mineralization is primarily dense, compact colemanite with some ulexite.

“It’s a true oligopoly with only a handful of producers in a handful of countries. So there is definitely an opportunity for a new high-grade, low-cost producer to have their place in that market,” says President and CEO, Tim Daniels.

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