A Mineral You Can’t Live Without

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Tim Daniels, President of Erin Ventures Inc. speaks about advancing their boron project towards feasibility.

“Erin Ventures is a company that has a focus on industrial minerals. We have a boron project located in Serbia, it’s one of a handful of economic boron projects in the world. Common uses for boron are the production of fiber glass, borosilicate glass that’s used in computers. The glass in your cell phone or a computer screen, television screen, any glass that needs to be heat resistant and impact resistant has about 10 percent boron in it and that’s what gives it its strength. Modern life as we know it would be very different without boron. Serbia’s is in the process right now of becoming a full-fledged EU member, that’s expected to be complete by the year 2020. Several large mining companies exist in the jurisdiction today, it’s a very cooperative jurisdiction to work in. If there’s one area where these countries could compete it was on primary resources. We’re advancing our boron project towards feasibility, we expect to reach feasibility over the next 18 months at a cost of about 5 million US and then move through to the mine licensing process and it’s a very large robust project.” – Tim Daniels, President of Erin Ventures Inc. Erin Ventures Inc. is an international mineral exploration and development company with boron assets in Serbia and gold assets in North America. Headquartered in Victoria, B.C., Canada. Erin’s 100% owned Piskanja project is a high-grade boron deposit with a NI 43-101 compliant mineral resource of 5.6 million indicated tonnes (30.8% B2O3), in addition to 6.2 million inferred tonnes (28.8% B2O3). For more information on Erin Ventures Inc. (EV:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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