Eurocontrol Measurement Technologies For Innovative Markets

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Eurocontrol is a Canadian Israeli technology company. With a patented technology across three innovative emerging markets, energy, security, microelectronics, quality control precision farming. A TSX Venture and OTCQB traded company that specializes in the acquisition, development and commercialization of innovative test and measurement technologies. And applications for key growth markets: Energy security (fuel marking) ED-XRF equipment, wafer inspection and metrology equipment and precision agriculture. Significant markets that combined have potential markets of over US$15 billion annually (1) Eurocontrol has three wholly owned subsidiaries and approximately 50 full time employees located in Israel’s high tech industrial zone, Xenemetrix Ltd. XwinSys Technology Development Ltd. and Croptimal Ltd. The Company also has an agreement with SICPA S.A. of Switzerland. For earn-out payments of 5% (minimum $9 million) on revenues generated from the oil and gas marking and monitoring field relating to the sale of its former subsidiary Global Fluids International (GFI) to SICPA in 2016. With ~1,300 systems installed worldwide, holding a number of patents, numerous certifications and two Frost & Sullivan awards. Xenemetrix is a leader in Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF) spectroscopy systems and components for a wide range of industries and applications. XwinSys’s Onyx, a patented world class metrology technology, was developed in–house with cooperation from major semiconductor manufacturers. The technology behind Onyx is a unique combination of ED-XRF spectroscopic material analysis and image processing technology. Onyx provides the answer to inline micro processor equipment testing overcoming the limitations of entrenched technologies for measuring thin and ultra-thin films for the semiconductor industry. Croptimal, a company formed in early 2017, is introducing a new mobile material analysis laboratory for the precision agriculture industry based on ED-XRF technology in combination with multi-spectral capabilities which will dramatically change agricultural testing methodology providing for increased  crop yields.  This state of the art combined technology application provides for automatic preparation of samples of soil, water and critical parts of crops that offers the grower collection, preparation, analysis and submission of results in minutes compared to the current 10 day test cycle. (1) MarketsandMarkets‎ For more information on Eurocontrol Technics Group (EUO:TSX.V), please fill out the form below.

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