Eurocontrol Technics New Test and Measurement Technology

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W.Bruce Rowlands, CEO of Eurocontrol Technics Group on the company’s ability to take the lab to the sample.

Eurocontrol Technics Group has the capability to bring the lab into the field, allowing them to better understand products in the energy, micro-electronics and precision farming sectors in a quick manner.

“What really sets us apart on everything we do is we take the laboratory to the field. We don’t take the sample to the lab, we take the lab to the sample,” said W.Bruce Rowlands, CEO of Eurocontrol Technics Group. Eurocontrol specializes in three industries: Energy security, micro-electronics and precision farming. At the core of it is a spectral technology called Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (ED-XRF).

Protecting Oil and Gas

Firstly, the company uses the technology to crack down on the underground economy of fuels like oil and gas. “Think of it as barcodes for oil. Whose is it, what is it, what’s his physical status?,” said Rowlands. “This all sort of speaks to the issue of the illegitimate economy which runs it somewhere about seven trillion dollars a year.”

XwinSys’s Onyx (micro electronics)

XwinSys’s Onyx, allows the testing of micro-processors, which can be found in electronics like phones. The technology behind Onyx is a unique combination of ED-XRF spectroscopic material analysis and image processing technology. With these components being small and fragile, this technology overcomes the limitations of entrenched technologies for measuring thin and ultra-thin films for the semiconductor industry.

Optimizing farming with Croptimal

Croptimal, is a new mobile material analysis laboratory for the precision agriculture industry based on ED-XRF technology. Using this technology  will change agricultural testing time and increase crop yields. “We’ve taken a process that has traditionally taken 10 days for farmers to generate results and ultimately reduce the process to 10 minutes,” Rowland said.

More About Eurocontrol Technics Group

Lastly, Eurocontrol is a TSX Venture and OTCQB traded company that specializes in the acquisition, development and commercialization of innovative test and measurement technologies. Combined, they have potential markets of over US$15 billion annually. For more information on Eurocontrol Technics Group (EUO.V) please fill out the form below.

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