Evergold: Drilling for Discovery This Summer

Two gold projects ready to drill in one of the best mining jurisdictions

Evergold Corp. has been assembled by a team with a record of recent success in British Columbia. This includes combining four 100%-owned properties in prime geological real estate from one of BC’s best-known geologists, C.J. Greig, with seasoned management and a qualified board. 

In fact, C.J. Greig and Kevin Keough were the key people behind possibly the largest discovery in the northern part of BC’s famed Golden Triangle in the last 15 years. “We’ve done it before and we’re aiming to do it again”, says President and CEO, Kevin Keough.

Well financed following a recent $3.45 million initial public offering, the Company’s flagship assets consist of the 3,545 hectare Snoball property, located in the heart of the Golden Triangle, where the Company believes it has located the source of a large gold-silver anomaly, and the 5,099 hectare Golden Lion property, located well to the east of Snoball at the north end of the Toodoggone region, where multiple strong gold-silver-copper targets have been outlined.

Keough believes Evergold will appeal to risk-tolerant investors who understand that much of the excitement in the mineral exploration business, and attendant share capital appreciation, is delivered at the point of initial discovery.  He invites investors to join with the Company as, this summer, it does the high risk / high reward work of drilling, for the first time, the exceptional targets they’ve identified.

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