Evergold: Minerals and Metals Shift to a Greener Economy

Evergold’s CEO speaks on the mining sector going green

President and CEO of Evergold, Kevin Keough, shares his thoughts on the role that the mineral and exploration business has to play in our green and clean economy.

Keough believes that lately, there’s been an appreciation that we need many of the metals and minerals that the mining and exploration sector searches for and produces. “We need them for our technology and we need them for our clean technology. And we need them for our green future,” he says.

Whether it’s lithium or graphite or gold, silver or more, they all have a role to play in clean technologies. The industry is trying to live up to very high standards in regards to both CSR and environmental aspects. According to Keough, there has been a radical shift in the industry. It is now focused on delivering, in a safe and environmentally sensitive manner, the kind of metals and minerals that we require to achieve the kind of clean and green economy that we are aiming for.

“I think the future is looking very promising for the mineral exploration sector,” says Keough.

About Evergold

Evergold combines four 100%-owned properties in prime B.C. geological real estate from well-known geologist C.J. (Charlie) Greig, with the recently optioned Rockland property in Nevada, seasoned management, and a qualified board. Its flagship assets consist of the Snoball property located in the heart of BC’s famed Golden Triangle. There, drilling in 2020 achieved the discovery of a new high-grade, gold-silver system at the highest elevations on Pyramid Peak. There’s the Golden Lion property located at the north end of B.C.’s Toodoggone region, where drilling in 2020 confirmed the presence of a large-scale epithermal-style gold-silver zone at the GL1 Main prospect; and the past-producing high-grade Rockland gold-silver property in Nevada. All three of these properties host zones of precious metals that the company believes offer considerable near-term upside.