Exro: Increasing the Performance of Existing Electric Motors

Technology to increase the performance of existing electric motors

Exro is a Vancouver, BC-based technology company. The Company is dedicated to creating an intelligent energy management system. This system converts energy in new ways to improve the performance, efficiency, and longevity of batteries, electric motors and generators.

Further, the electric vehicle market is forecast to grow to over half a trillion dollars by 2025. Exro Technologies is focusing on making them smarter. Markedly, Exro’s foundational Dynamic Power Management System (DPM) improves the performance and efficiency of electric motors by separating individual coils to thereby enable coil switching according to power needs. Exro also applies its novel approach to generators, by isolating the individual coils and applying DPM to the system, thereby allowing for a greater range of energy creation.

“It’s a principle of electric motors called “coil switching” that’s the basis of our technology. It’s very widely known in the industry. And we’ve just done what everybody else has been trying to do.”, says CEO, Sue Ozdemir.

“It is totally scalable, up in size or down in size. So, we can go down to a skateboard and we can go up to a bus.” continues Ozdemir.

Exro technology also applies the principle of managing “energy” as it converts at the individual level to lithium ion batteries. By managing the charge and discharge of energy at the individual cell level of a lithium ion battery, Exro aims to improve the battery performance and efficiencies, which should result in longer usage and possibly a second life of a battery. 

Exro’s Dynamic Power Management system has evolved into an intelligent energy management system with broader applications. Moreover, Exro is putting the intelligence into energy management and seeks to accelerate the global transition to clean energy.

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