Farmers Edge: A Leader in Digital Agriculture

Empowering growers and agricultural professionals

Farmers Edge is dedicated to developing technology to increase production and help farmers grow more with less. The company provides everything needed to get value from farm data, manage risks as well as maximize profitability. Moreover, they are a global leader in digital agriculture.

Farmers Edge is on a mission to create the world’s most comprehensive digital platform to empower and connect stakeholders across the entire agricultural ecosystem. They’re passionate about sustainable farming and put innovation at the forefront of everything they do. Further, they’re leading the next agricultural revolution creating intelligent technologies to help farmers and their trusted advisors be more efficient and successful in improving how food is produced and distributed to a rapidly growing global population.

“The digital disruption that’s happened in all other sectors is happening in AG today, and farmers are now utilizing that information to ensure they make the right decisions on the farms,” CEO and Founder, Wade Barnes.

The company works with growers across the world in order to digitalize their farms. In fact, they reach the United States, Latin America, Australia and Eastern Europe.

“Farmers Edge is going to be leading the way on this digital transformation that’s happening to agriculture,” says Barnes.

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