Finjan Holdings Meeting The Demands Of Cyber Security

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When you think of Finjan today, we are a legacy provider of cyber security services. We have a great portfolio of intellectual property. Developing new products that will meet consumers’ demands for the twenty-first century. Continuing that program with our mobile applications – that’s all developed internally. Generated over $250 Mil in licensing to date, about 25% of the available market. Finjan’s online security innovation cultivates proprietary technology. That is focused on proactively detecting threats by identifying patterns and behavior of online viruses and other malicious code. Rather than relying solely on lists of existing or known coded threats. Through a team of elite consultants, who are based in Israel, the USA and UK. We assess your risk exposure, quantify it and empower you with appropriate mitigation strategies. The unique and focused offering perfectly positions us as the piece that interconnects the Server Room to the Board Room. By bridging the gap between current cyber security and cyber risk practices. CybeRisk offers organizations an integrated cyber risk management process that aligns the processes of management, security and risk into one business-centric framework. Our advisory services enable customers to accelerate the maturity of their cyber security posture and are intended to augment a company’s security & risk capabilities, not to replace it. For more information on Finjan Holdings (FNJN:NASDAQ) please fill out the form below.  

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