First Responder: WiFi Based Threat Detection Technology

Enhancing Public Safety with Revolutionary Technology

First Responder is developing a patent pending concealed weapons detection product, Sentinel ™ Wifi. It’s licensed from Rutgers University and developed in Canada, India and Silicon Valley. The WiFi based concealed weapons detection product can used by first responders on laptops and handheld devices. In fact, it provides a warning of a potential active shooter on premises in the seconds available before an incident happens.

How Does it Work?

It essentially creates a virtual fence. Antennas are set up in posts and those fence posts create a field. And when somebody passes close to or through the field, it detects a dangerous weapon. It then sends an alarm to a person in authority. That person can then take action to save lives. Furthermore, this is a technology that can be deployed at shopping centers, schools, places of worship, stadiums, arenas, or any place where the public gathers.

What differentiates this technology solution from others, is the fact that it relies on something that is readily accessible and inexpensive – WiFi. “We utilize unlicensed spectrum. That really is the key. Because when you utilize unlicensed spectrum, you don’t have to go to the government and get a license,” says CEO, Robert Delamar.

Additionally, unlike other technologies, the First Responder product doesn’t force a trade-off between public safety and privacy.

“By the end of this year, we expect to have our minimum viable product, that’s a saleable product. And then it’ll be about a year long development cycle from there to what we call a version 1.0” says Delamar.

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