Glance Technologies: Rewards For Cryptocurrency Holders

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In the rapidly growing mobile payment app market, Glance Technologies is focused on giving back. Glance intends to be the first platform to offer a lucrative consumer rewards program for cryptocurrency holders. While individual cryptocurrencies, blockchain solutions and mobile payment apps continue launching at rapid speed, consumers have been waiting for a leader to emerge with a complete solution that’s built for…consumers. Because, what’s even more talk-worthy than crypto or blockchain, is the ability to buy, access and use your crypto for everyday purchases with community and online merchants – quickly, easily and with loyalty rewards that grow (in-app) as you spend. It’s that simple. Backed by the security of blockchain and in-app anti-fraud security, there’s never been a more safe and exciting time to jump in, get hands on, and become a part of the global conversation. Crypto currency is now yours to access and integrate into your everyday life. Use Glance Coin and gain instant access to a global network of preferred merchants who not only accept the coin, but offer member-only rewards that help you build your crypto account with every dollar you spend: Crypto Based Loyalty Rewards:
  • Real-World Application: Glance Merchants & Pay Programs
  • Etherium Blockchain Security
  • Community Payments & Rewards
  • The Glance 100 – VIP Club
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