New Technology For Paying Restaurant Bills

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Disrupting restaurant and retail payments. With the Glance Pay App, you can pay in seconds, leave when ready, earn rewards and never wait for a card machine again. Developed by the co-founder of Pay-By-Phone. Glance Technologies. Glance Pay Mobile Payment App is a secure, simple and intelligent way to pay your restaurant bill. Gone are the days of reaching to find your credit card in a restaurant and waiting for the server to come back to your table only to leave again to get you a credit card machine. Like all of our future mobile payment applications by Glance Technologies, our first mobile payment platform for restaurants Glance Pay has been engineered with security and ease of usage in mind. Glance Pay Mobile Payment App technology boasts state of the art capabilities. Its accounting features are designed for easy record keeping for both restaurants and users alike. Glance Pay users can access directly from inside the app their records, receipts and rewards. Receipts can be easily emailed to an accountant or bookkeeper when needed. Glance Pay provides advanced tools to restaurants and customers for fraud mitigation. By allowing customers to store all of their payment information in one secure location, our Glance Pay mobile payment platform decreases the risk of fraud to consumers while increasing customer satisfaction, speed and convenience. For more information on Glance Technologies (GET.CN) please fill out the form below.  

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