Glance Technologies: Merchant Interaction With Payment System

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Glance Pay is a mobile payment system that allows users to interact with their merchants using their mobile phone. Cutting-edge technology that allows users to pay merchants using their phone. It allows them to receive digital coupons and interact with their merchants in other ways. While individual cryptocurrencies, blockchain solutions and mobile payment apps continue launching at rapid speed. Consumers have been waiting for a leader to emerge with a complete solution that’s built for consumers. Because, what’s even more talk-worthy than crypto or blockchain. Is the ability to buy, access and use your crypto for everyday purchases with community and online merchants. Quickly, easily and with loyalty rewards that grow (in-app) as you spend. It’s that simple. Backed by the security of blockchain and in-app anti-fraud security. There’s never been a more safe and exciting time to jump in, get hands on. And become a part of the global conversation. For more information on Glance Technologies (GET.CN, GLNNF:OTCQB) please fill out the form below.

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