Go Cobalt Mining: Potential Big Prospect for Yukon Project

CEO of Go Cobalt Mining Corp., Scott Sheldon speaks about the company’s two projects, one in Quebec and an IOCG (Iron Oxide Copper Gold) project in the Yukon, which can potentially be big prospects for the corporation.

” I started working in the industry when I was 15. Up in Northern B.C, working in the Golden Triangle and so I kind of got addicted to that thrill of the hunt and it doesn’t really wear off. So, it’s a really fun industry to work in. We’re a Canadian battery metals exploration company. We have two projects right now. One’s in Quebec that’s a Canadian prospect. Our flagship is in the Yukon and it’s an IOCG type signature. It’s interesting with IOCG projects they have potential to be a really big prospect. I mean if you look at some of the biggest copper mines in the world like Candelaria or Olympic Dam in Australia, they’re massive deposits. So, we’re going to try and prove up to something like that. Generally, when you find cobalt it’ll be posted with another mineral. So, in this case it’s copper which is a mineral we like as well. Copper’s found everywhere. It’s generally in everything. It’s in a lot of the battery cars that they’re making and it’s in houses, it’s in street infrastructure, it’s all over the place. Go Cobalt has been in the Yukon since 2011. We were able to leverage the success of our first project which was the Wels Gold and we acquired the monster property in 2013. We grew up in the gold downturn so we learned how to be really cost effective and we’re excited about the two projects that we have right now.” – Scott Sheldon, CEO of Go Cobalt Mining Corp.

Go Cobalt is a Vancouver based mining exploration company. The company develops exciting and
relevant energy metal projects to help meet demand for a battery powered future. The flagship
Monster project is a Copper Cobalt project 80 kms north of Dawson City, Yukon.

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