Graph Blockchain Ltd.: New on the CSE!

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Graph Blockchain Ltd. (GBLC:CSE) is a database management company that utilizes IBM’s Hyperledger to provide a blockchain solution for large enterprise corporations. Clients like LG and Samsung, four patents filed in the U.S. and Korea, and one million dollars in revenue within nine months are some of the highlights. The CEO Peter Kim talks about this globally adopted technology, and how he expects it to be an industry standard in the near future.

About blockchain

Blockchain is a digital tool for doing a variety of functions such as recording and verifying transactions. Sectors like finance services, healthcare, baking, manufacturing and retail industries could do a good use of these security features. Graph Blockchain Limited provides state of the art blockchain solutions for corporations and government agencies. The biggest strength of such a technology is that it allows data to be shared within trusted networks, without impacting other interfaces. It runs computations on data while keeping the data itself completely private, using an optimized version of secure, multiparty computation. For more information on Graph Blockchain Ltd. (GBLC:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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