Medical and Recreational Cannabis Strategy

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Harvest One Cannabis shares their dual medical and recreational strategy to become a global cannabis company.

Harvest One is an early-entry global cannabis company focused on servicing both the medical and recreational cannabis markets, in Canada and internationally. Shareholders have significant exposure to the entire cannabis value chain through three business units, with Harvest One serving as the umbrella company over horticultural arm United Greeneries and medical arm Satipharm AG. Each business is strategically located in favourable jurisdictions with supportive regulatory frameworks in place. United Greeneries has received a Canadian medicinal cannabis cultivation licence, making Harvest One one of only a few companies globally with the capacity to commercially cultivate medicinal grade cannabis in a federally regulated environment. Satipharm is specialized in the development and manufacturing of cannabis-based health products and is Harvest One’s medical and health brand. Satipharm’s goal is to develop cutting-edge technology and pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products for the medical and health-based cannabis markets. Satipharm believes commercialization of its signature Gelpell® technology for cannabinoid products will transform the company into a global leader in the medical and health-based cannabis industry. Production of 10mg and 50mg Gelpell® microgel capsules began in May 2015. In 2017, Satipharm’s marketing campaign is focused on near-term growth and is distributed throughout the EU and in Australia. The company is concurrently preparing to import its products into Canada. Satipharm is dedicated to growing its portfolio of delivery technology IP with further expansion plans targeting introduction of other formulations including THC. For more information on Harvest One Cannabis (HVT.V) please fill out the form below.

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