HCLN: 40 of the Largest Clean Energy Issuers in 1 ETF

The Harvest Clean Energy ETF

The Harvest Clean Energy ETF (TSX: HCLN) is Canada’s first listed clean energy ETF that invests in a portfolio of the 40 largest Clean Energy Issuers. These are selected from the Clean Energy Investable Universe. Moreover, the universe includes Equity Securities that are listed on select North American, European and developed Asian stock exchanges that are categorized as renewable energy or renewable energy generation.

The portfolio is equally weighted and follows a systematic process in selecting the top 40 largest Clean Energy Issuers. This is measured by market capitalization and is reconstituted and rebalanced semi-annually. Harvest believes that the changing landscape for renewable energy production and investment represents a long term structural change. They also think that it is an environment that the Clean Energy sub-sectors are well positioned to benefit over the long term.

HCLN ETF Highlights

The ETF is a passively managed portfolio of 40 equally weighted clean energy companies with a 0.40% p.a. management fee. Additionally, it focuses on true clean energy companies such as renewable energy producers and renewable energy related companies.

For more information on Harvest Exchange Traded Funds (managed by Harvest Portfolios Group Inc.) please visit their website at https://harvestportfolios.com.

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