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Corby Marshall, CEO of Hilltop Cybersecurity speaks about their plans to incorporate services and grow their cyber-security company. Cybersecurity for businesses is very important these days.

About Hilltop Cybersecurity & Cybersecurity For Businesses

Hilltop is a pure cyber-security company that is our focus and our wheel house.  Our target market is small and medium businesses that are under a billion dollars. And in that segment as much as 80 percent are inadequately protected from the emerging cyber threat that exists in the world today.

The cyber criminal has started to target the small and medium business. Because they’re softer targets, they’re  easier to penetrate than customer service. And there’s communities that have taken weaponize software in there and they’re building it as a business enterprise. And so they’re becoming a lot more capable even as people still are inadequately aware and prepared for protecting their enterprise.

Our plans are also to incorporate services as an important component of our growth and to either find businesses which would add talent to the team quickly or build that organically or both because there really is a shortage of what we call cyber warriors or cyber resources in the world today. We want to continue to build value through that software and services model. And then when we have products look for how we can either distribute those or license them to companies that hardware makes more sense for, that’s way that we intend to grow.

Hilltop Cybersecurity owns the military-grade, patented, cybersecurity platform, called Vauban, and a newly-patented biometric security solution for crypto-currency cold storage, wallets and transactions.

Founded and run by a team of former military security experts, Hilltop holds Top-Secret clearance and continues to work with government agencies.

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