HPQ Silicon Resources’ Low Cost, Solar Grade Silicon Production

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The future of solar cells is looking bright for HPQ Silicon. Offering a low cost, green solution to produce solar grade silicon. HPQ is an attractive option in the renewable energy market. HPQ Silicon Resources is a TSX-V listed (Symbol HPQ) High Purity Quartz and Gold exploration company. Focused above all on generating free cash flow. The scope of our activities range from exploration and mining operations to a new emphasis. On becoming a vertically integrated producer of Silicon Metal, Solar Grade Silicon Metal and polysilicon. Our business model is centered on developing projects suited for smaller-scale start-up that generate high yield returns. HPQ Silicon has partnered with PYROGENESIS, a world leader in plasma technology. To develop THE PUREVAP ™ QUARTZ VAPORIZATION REACTOR, a one step process for reducing quartz to high purity silicon and/or polycrystalline silicon. The company has world wide exclusive use of the PUREVAP Quartz Vaporization Reactor. A technology that could revolutionize the making solar panel into a more competitive source of renewable energy. For more information on HPQ Silicon Resources (HPQ.V) please fill out the form below.

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