Idaho Champion CEO Jonathan Buick On 6 projects, including flagship Baner Project

“Idaho Champion is a discovery-focused business. We have six projects in the state of Idaho. Two in gold, four in cobalt. Our flagship project is the Baner Project. This is a project that’s been on by the same family since 1892. We purchased that for five and fifty thousand U.S. dollars. In 2016 we submitted a drill permit. Started drilling our discovery program in June,through which we intercepted 18 holes of mineralization. We have a strike length of about 500 meters by 200 meters across. When we were looking at projects all around the world we want to be in a jurisdiction that had some mining laws and rules and regulations. There’s number of companies there are now active in the state and we see it as a great jurisdiction. We have a governor that continues to fly around the big capital market cities like New York and Toronto to show support for our industry. Idaho’s been in mining since 1860. It is a mining friendly state and we’ve got a discovery that wants further expansion. What makes me excited is knowing that we have very capable team. Now my job is to make sure that the market understands what we’ve done, how we’ve been able to do it and having a report card to be accountable. Our focus now is to advance the Baner Project as well as continuing to look at other assets within the state of Idaho.

More on The Baner Project
Idaho Champion Gold Mines Ltd.’s flagship project, located in the Crooked Creek area, new the small town of Elk City. The Baner property consists of 204 contiguous unpatented claims covering approximately sixteen and a half square kilometers. Before purchasing it in 2016,  the Baner Mine produced from 1939 to 1940 and was reported 60 tons of high-grade material and of received yielding 54.6 ounces of gold and 144.2 ounces of silver
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