Imagin Medical: Patented Imaging System for Bladder Cancer

Surgical imaging for bladder cancer

Imagin Medical is a surgical imaging company. They’re focusing on establishing a new standard of care in visualizing cancer during minimally invasive surgeries. The Company’s initially focused on bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer is the 6th most common cancer in the US and the 3rd most common in men. It’s also the most expensive to treat because surgeons might not be able to see all of the cancer the first time thus, leading to a 50% recurrence rate.

The most common way to determine if you have bladder cancer is with a cystoscope with a white light. However, this doesn’t always distinguish between normal and cancerous tissue, so some cancer cells often get left behind.

A decade ago, a technology called Blue Light Cystoscopy was developed. This allowed surgeons to better visualize bladder cancer by injecting contrast imaging agents into the bladder and using a blue-filtered light that highlights the cancerous cells. Imagin goes even further. Currently, surgeons can only see the cancer on the blue image, but to be safe, they need to switch to the white image to orient themselves within the bladder and remove the cancer. Switching back and forth is awkward.

Imagin’s patented i/Blue system shows both images side-by-side on the screen simultaneously. This allows surgeons to actually see the cancerous cells disappear as they remove them. The system also works with most scopes on the market.

Imagin’s first functional product has been built and the company is working to bring it to market.

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Imagin’s experienced management team is advancing the i/Blue Imaging System’s development toward commercialization. Functional units are currently being tested by an independent lab. This is to assure compliance with safety and performance regulations, and with a defined regulatory path, the FDA approval process is underway. Imagin’s intellectual property is well-protected with additional patents being filed based on final design developments.

Imagin intends to build on the i/Blue technology, which currently works with hexaminolevulinate hydrochloride (HAL), and adapt it to other FDA-approved contrast agents, such as Indocyanine green (ICG). These additional products will expand Imagin’s market potential, facilitating entry into multiple endoscopic procedures, such as laparoscopic (general and gynecology), colorectal and thoracic.

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