iMining: Giving Investors Exposure to Digital Currency

A greener solution to digital asset mining

iMining is a Canadian-owned, blockchain and digital assets investment company. The company is helping to shape the Canadian digital asset ecosystem. Further, they are a driving force and a huge contributor in bringing the proof of stake technology to market. iMining is also on a mission to apply its proceeds of mining, staking and investments to practical and meaningful digital infrastructure and applications.

Incorporating a proprietary, best-in-class, staking, investing and mining process. iMining ensures robust security, reliability and scalability; while removing the technical complexity of deploying, managing validators, holding, or investing in digital currencies.

iMining offers staking services on Ethereum 2.0 proof-of-stake. Stake on Ethereum 2.0 can earn rewards from day one. One of the biggest problems in the field is that it’s usually not very energy efficient. Proof-of-Stake is solving that problem. Ethereum 2.0 will help reduce energy consumption, allow the network to process more transactions, and increase network resistance to attacks.

iMining manages the staking themselves, investors can gain exposure to digital currency investing without the challenges of staking, mining, buying, selling, storing, and safekeeping currencies directly.

“Our future plans are to invest in the entire blockchain ecosystem. We plan to invest in digital asset exchanges, digital asset mining, digital asset ATM machines, digital asset payments,” says Chairman of the Board of Directors, Khurram Shroff.

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