Frederic Ors, CEO and Director of Immunovaccine, Searching To End Cancer

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Frederic Ors, CEO and Director of Immunovaccine speaks on the company’s solution to ending cancer.

Cancer patients bodies are often resistant to chemotherapy treatment, that’s why Frederic Ors, CEO and Director of Immunovaccine, and researchers, are searching for a new way to send messages to the immune system, assisting chemotherapy. “We have discovered a new way to deliver messages to the immune system. It’s very simple, it’s a very tiny bubble of hog but it has the potential to transform the way we work with our immune system,” Ors said. Ors says, in most cases chemotherapy may not work on cancer. This is because the cancers have been responding to a therapy suddenly begin to grow. Their vaccine DepoVax provides a solution for patients with the potential to produce more “rapid, robust and sustained immune responses”. This allows the immune system to bypass the warning signals of chemotherapy, allowing it to work and treat the disease.

The Results

More over, Immunovaccine is developing these products with two partners, Merck and Insight. The first triple combination immunotherapy trial in the world has  recently released results in the first four patients treated. “What we were able to achieve in three out of four women is stopping the progression of cancer,” said Ors. “We started to see more than stopping the progression but tumor shrinkage.” Lastly, there’s never been a better chance in humanity to really get to the point of curing cancer. A major part of the treatments success is the evolution of modern medicine. “Modern medicine has created access to technologically advanced targets—proteins, peptides, DNA/RNA vaccines—that can be used to encode directives to our immune system,” Ors said.

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