IMV Uses Proprietary Technology and Immune Systems to Kill Cancer Cells

IMV Inc., a Canadian pharmaceutical company, listed on both the TSX and Nasdaq, (TSX: IMV, Nasdaq: IMV) is making important advances in immunotherapy treatment. CEO, Frederic Ors states, “We have developed a new type of treatment for cancer, one that uses your own immune system to kill cancer. Ovarian cancer and lymphoma are the two cancers that IMV is focused on due to their high medical need.”

IMV has its own proprietary technology, the DPX platform. “[Essentially] DPX is a delivery platform that has been specifically developed to generate a sustained and targeted immune response. With DPX-Survivac, our lead compound, this translates into a specific, powerful, and sustained attack on cancer cells,” explains Ors. He notes that, “The platform itself is very versatile. Potentially, we have the potential to generate any type of targeted immune response.”  

Thanks to the DPX platform, IMV has the capability to create a new class of immunotherapy against hard-to-treat cancers. IMV’s lead product, DPX-Survivac, is being tested in several advanced clinical trials and in different cancer indications, as a monotherapy in ovarian cancer, in other indications, in combination with an immunotherapy produced by Merck, the leading global pharma in immunotherapy.

“The drug itself is a simple injection administered every two months and is freeze-dried. This is an advantage because freeze-dried products can be stored at room temperature or at normal fridge temperature for a long time,” says Ors.

The DPX platform has a broad range of potential applications outside of cancer. With IMV’s ongoing cancer treatment research, the company is developing a targeted COVID-19 vaccine, one that can may improve the duration of the protection against the virus and the protection in elderly populations.

“In biotech, you don’t often have the opportunity to participate in something that’s not just an incremental improvement of something, but rather has the potential to become a new class, a new type of treatment for cancer.” The company has its sights set on becoming a global leader in cancer immunotherapy.  

“I see it as the opportunity of a lifetime,” says Ors.

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