Independent Trading Group: Dedicated to Professional Trading

Canada’s only brokerage firm dedicated specifically to professional trading

Most listed stocks in Canada are illiquid and can trade on up to 15 different venues. This can make it difficult to access liquidity as pricing could be erratic as buyers and sellers enter the marketplace with different prices at different times. This is where an Issuer Designated Market Maker or IDMM comes in.

What Exactly is an IDMM?

An IDMM’s job is to manage the price of the stock by interacting with buyers and sellers. The IDMM adds orders to the market, enhancing the orders placed by natural buyers and sellers. This improves the depth of the quote.

About Independent Trading Group

Independent Trading Group or ITG is Canada’s only brokerage firm dedicated specifically to professional trading. ITG began on the trading floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange over 25 years ago.

An IDMM offers a commitment of capital deployed to defend the quality of your quote and to contribute to price discovery. You also benefit from a professional trader that understands the marketplace and can access liquidity on all trading venues. Additionally, an IDMM will proactively gather market intelligence and relay it back to you.

ITG employs real traders, with the latest in trading technology and risk management tools, coupled with in-depth market structure expertise.

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