INDIVA (NDVA:TSX.V) 25 Years of Cannabis Cultivation Experience

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With a planned and funded 40,000 square foot facility, 25 years of cultivation experience. And an expert team at the helm, there is no company better poised for a cannabis investment than Indiva Limited. INDIVA is a Canadian supplier of high quality, medical grade cannabis. The company’s strain selection, cultivation and client care processes combine the know-how and experience of an internationally recognized and award winning grow-team with GMP-compliant quality assurance standard operating procedures.

Indiva Limited Cannabis Cultivation

Whether you are using cannabis for acute medical reasons or for other social reasons, it’s up to you. As a result, we offer you products and services developed over two decades of producing award winning cannabis products and supplying those products to clients with diverse needs. We want you to have a positive and repeatable experience with Indiva. We want to contribute above all to your whole mind and body health and wellness. For more information INDIVA (NDVA:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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