Using AI in Customer Experience Management | Intouch Insight

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“At Intouch Insight our customer base consists over 300 brands. Most of whom are household names, gas stations, convenience stores, hotels, restaurants and retail. The company is focused on becoming a leader using artificial intelligence in the customer experience management space. Our mission is to build and deliver solutions to our customers to give them information which allow for actionable outcomes to improve their business.” – Cameron Watt, Director, President & CEO of Intouch Insight Intouch Insight offers customer experience management (CEM) products and services. That help global brands delight their customers, strengthen brand reputation and improve financial performance. The Company recently added an artificial intelligence-powered CEM software to its product line. This software helps to round out its complete portfolio of CEM solutions for its growing list of Fortune 500 clients. For more information on Intouch Insight (INX:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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