Invest Canada North

Opportunities for Investors in Canada’s North

The Invest Canada North initiative is an excellent way to show investors the opportunities that the North provides.

“The undeveloped nature of the basic materials that can be found in the Northern part of the continent are immense,” says the editor at Agora Financial, Byron King.

Its unique initiatives showcase each region. This is done through keynote presentations, panels and special sessions. Moreover, it highlights the leaders in exploration, development and production, as well as the mining ecosystem. Further, the mining ecosystem is supported by significant geological potential, strong geopolitical stability and progressive Indigenous and community partnerships.

Markedly, Canada’s North is a huge area, over 1/3 the size of Canada. Additionally, it encompasses the three northern territories: Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

“We are really impressed with the Invest Canada North initiative. We see it as bringing investment to the North and then being expanded to all the Northern communities. And we think that’s going to be good for the Yukon, the Territories and for Canada,” says CEO of Granite Creek Copper, Tim Johnson.

For more information on Invest Canada North please visit their website.