Investment News: Lucara Recovers 1,758 Carat Diamond

Lucara Finds 1,758 Carat Diamond

The 1,758 carat diamond recovered from the Karowe mine. (CNW Group/Lucara Diamond Corp.)

Lucara Diamond Corp. announces the recovery of a 1,758 carat diamond from its Karowe Diamond Mine in Botswana, South Africa.

Breaking Records

The stone is one of the largest diamonds in recorded history and weighs around 352 grams and measures at 83mm x 62mm x 46mm. In addition, its the largest diamond find in Botswana to date.

XRT Circuit

Lucara’s state of the art XRT circuit made the recovery of the unbroken 1,758 carat stone. Since the XRT’s commission in 2015, 12 diamonds in excess of 300 carats, 2 greater than 1,000 carats is from a total production of approximately 1.4 million carats in Karowe. Out of the 12 diamonds, 50% classify as gem quality and 11 are sold to date. Overall, generating revenue in excess of US$158 million.

For more information read their press release here.

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