Analyst Explains Benefits of Being an OTCQX Best 50 Company | Jason Paltrowitz

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Jason Paltrowitz, Executive Vice President at OTC Markets Group explains how companies qualify and benefit from being an OTCQX Best 50 Company.

“The OTCQX Best 50 has a number of criteria that we use in our selection. First and foremost we use total return and average dollar volume growth as the basis. They cannot be penny stocks, their closing price as of December 31 2017 has to have been above 25 cents and they have to have traded at least 500 thousand dollars in total dollar volume for the year.” “The access to a broader investor base so you’re gaining access to US investors south of the border that for whatever reason don’t want to trade north of the border or can’t. So they can trade in their U.S. accounts in U.S. dollars. The other advantage would be an actual increase in their global liquidity.” – Jason Paltrowitz, Executive Vice President, OTC Markets Group