Home Service Appointments Just In Time

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What if you could tell your customers exactly when you will arrive? What if your customers were actually there to meet you? This would make your customers happy, reduce your waiting time, and make you money. Introducing JiT — home service just in time. Here’s how it works… Schedule your service calls on our user-friendly webpage. Your customer gets a text message or email to confirm the appointment. On the day of the appointment, an automatic message reminds the customer and they’re notified of their position in the queue. When the tech is en route, a follow-up text estimates the actual time of arrival. A web link lets the customer see the tech’s location in real time. When the call is completed, the customer is invited to rate the experience and share feedback. There is no hardware for you to buy just a free app for your techs to install that’s very easy to use. Customers can use the app if they want, or follow tech progress via text messages. This is JiT — just in time to make your business better.

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