Medical Cannabis for Latin America | Alvaro Torres | Khiron Life Sciences Corp.

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Alvaro Torres, CEO of Khiron Life Sciences Corp., speaks on the company’s plan to service the 640 million people in Latin America with medicinal cannabis.

“Khiron is a medical cannabis company in Canada, with corporations in Colombia. Our primary focus is on domestic markets with 50 million people in Colombia and 640 million in Latin America. We are trying to be a company about being as close to patients as possible in this region, which is untapped and there’s not competition. Being the first company to go public on the TSX will allow us to dominate the region, continuing forward and showing those 68 million patients in the region. We have the potential to meet their medical needs using medical cannabis.

First Clinic in Bogota

Our focus is right now on finishing the building of the facility. We are the first company to be fully licensed in Colombia for cultivation and for extraction. We are also in the stages of designing and building our first clinic in Bogota.  As a result it allows us to break the perception of what people have of medical cannabis. We are ready to come out with products at the end of this year. We’ll have eager patients and eager doctors to begin prescription and consumption of the high quality products that we’ll produce. Khiron is planning to go to Mexico, hopefully this year, once the regulations open up. We are going to be looking at this in every single country. The future for us and what it holds is, how do we make those conversations in every country so that in four years we are able to have a million patients, which is the goal that the company has.” – Alvaro Torres, CEO of Khiron Life Sciences Khiron Life Sciences Corp. is a Canadian medical cannabis company with its core operations in Colombia. Khiron combines leading international scientific expertise, agricultural advantages, and branded product market entrance experience to address the unmet medical needs in a market of over 620 million people in Latin America. For more information on Khiron Life Sciences Corp. (KHRN:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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