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President and CEO of Labrador Gold, Roger Moss speaks about their main gold project, Hopedale, in Labrador.

“The main focus of Labrador Gold is gold exploration in Labrador, as the name suggests. We have three projects there and our main project would be the Hopedale Project. Our Hopedale Project essentially consists of two greenstone belts. We own almost the entirety of both greenstone belts. Greenstone belts are very prolific hosts of gold mineralization. The company really got focused on Labrador last year when we were introduced to Sean Ryan. He had a lot of success in the Yukon with new technology using drones and RAB drilling and Sean’s come in as an adviser to Labrador Gold. He gets me excited and we get each other excited talking about geology, talking about rocks. we think that the partnership is going to be a very successful one. We started with our first stage project last year, this year we’re going back in and we have specific targets to follow up on. Some of them have shown gold in the Florence Lake Greenstone Belt so we are very excited about that. We have gold over about a 40 kilometer strike length in this greenstone belt so that’s going be a big focus for us this year. The nature of what we’re trying to do here is go into almost a virgin greenstone belt looking for gold .Here people haven’t really done it before and we think that there’s a very good chance that we’re going to find it.” Labrador Gold CEO, Roger Moss. Two successful gold explorers lead the way in the Labrador gold rush targeting the under-explored gold potential of the province. Exploration has already outlined district scale gold on two projects. It include over a 40 kilometre strike length of the  Florence Lake greenstone belt and one of two greenstone belts covered by the Hopedale Project.

Hopedale Project:

Hopedale property comprising 1,832 claims in three blocks covering 458 square kilometres of the Hunt River and Florence Lake greenstone belts both of which are under-explored for gold. For more information on Labrador Gold (LAB:TSX.V) please fill out the form below.

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