Laurel Hill Advisory Group – Solutions for Shareholder Issues

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Do you need solutions for shareholder issues?  When it matters most – call the firm that delivers results.  Laurel Hill Advisory Group has won more proxy battles and completed 40% more M&A’s than their competitors. Whether it’s a vote for a shareholder meeting, engaging shareholders on a hostile take-over bid or generating support for your M&A transaction, speak to the experts. Laurel Hill’s recent transactions include: Yamana, Newmarket, and Loblaw. Get results, Laurel Hill Advisory Group. The Laurel Hill Advisory Group is North America’s only independent, cross border proxy solicitation firm. Our team’s experience has resulted in Canada’s best proxy contest win record for the past 9 years. We are regularly engaged on high profile, complex and contentious situations involving M&A, restructuring, and corporate governance issues. For more information on Laurel Hill Advisory Group, please fill out the form below.  

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