Disruptive Drug Delivery Technology For High Performance

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Disruptive Drug Delivery Technology! We can combine bioactive molecules with certain types of fatty acids. We use a dehydration methodology for faster results that allow those molecules to be faster acting and better absorbed with Strategic Out-licensing. Partners can then use our technology to improve the delivery and flavor performance of their products. Lexaria – Disrupting the drug delivery industry. Lexaria has developed and cost-effective delivery technology (DehydraTECH™) that has been both a laboratory and market-proven.  It is used to enhance the performance of beneficial compounds in ingestible products across four categories: Taste Smell Speed of action Bioabsorption & bioavailability Lexaria’s technology is easily applied through the incorporation of an intermediate step in the formulation and manufacturing of existing or new ingestible products. This step involves mixing the beneficial compound of interest together with certain fatty acids, then infusing the mixture into a substrate material. After this using controlled dehydration synthesis processing to conjugate the payload and fatty acids together at a molecular level. We use it before integrating the newly-combined molecules into production. For more information on Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (LXX:CSE) please fill out the form below.

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