Lion One Metals: Set to Be Fiji’s Next High-Grade Gold Mine

The Tuvatu Alkaline Gold Project

Lion One Metals is set to become the premier high-grade gold producer in the South Pacific Island nation of Fiji at its 100% owned and fully permitted Tuvatu Alkaline Gold Project. 

CEO and Chairman, Walter Berukoff, Dr. Quinton Hennigh, Technical Advisor and Stephen Mann, Managing Director of Lion One Metals speak about the company and its gold project in Fiji.

It was the introduction of Quinton in early 2019 that really gave Lion One a better insight and the realization of the significance of the alkaline systems. Alkaline gold systems are basically gold systems that are related to magmas that have emerged up from the ground and these magmas have a lot of alkaline metals. “There’s a handful of alkaline systems around the world. They’re not the most prolific type of gold deposit. But they tend to be very well-endowed and have golden inventories on the order of tens of millions of ounces.”, says Hennigh.

According to Walter Berukoff, when Dr. Quinton Hennigh started to point out the tracer minerals – specifically Roscoelite – it all started to come together. Picking up core with Roscoelite in was the obvious marker for an alkaline deposit. “I’m still very excited. It’s incredible and just getting better every day.”, says Berukoff.

Looking Ahead

Stephen Mann explains that the direction of the company over the next year or so is going to be twofold. Firstly, they want to accelerate their deep diamond drilling for proof of concept. “We already know the mineralization extends down to three, four, five hundred meters and is still just as good at that depth of what it is near the surface. Typically alkaline deposits extend down to a 1000 / 1500 meters.”, says Mann. Lion One has a spectacular amount of geochemical anomalies that are waiting to be tested. Therefore, secondly, they will be targeting some of those anomalies.

Tuvatu Alkaline Gold Project

Tuvatu is located 24 km NE of the town of Nadi on the island of Viti Levu in the Republic of Fiji. The project lies between elevations of 100 and 600 m in the eroded crater of the Navilawa caldera. It overlooks the Sabeto River valley and town of Nadi on the western coast of Viti Levu.

The main mineralized zone at Tuvatu comprises eleven principal lodes with a strike length over 600m and a vertical extent of more than 300m. Another major zone of mineralization (Murau) strikes east-west and consists of two major lodes. These have a mapped strike length in excess of 400 m. A total of 39 different lode structures have been identified in the Tuvatu resource area including 11 lodes in the Upper Ridges area, 3 lodes in the Murau area, 4 lodes in the West area, 2 lodes in the Tuvatu area and shallow dipping veins in the SKL area. Numerous additional lodes have been identified but require further testing to merit inclusion in resource estimates.

“Those who know, alkaline systems really well can readily see that Tuvatu is a big system. And they know right away. Yep. This is the real deal.”, says Hennigh.

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